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Fleas in new house

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rubybambini · 23/02/2012 18:09

We moved into our new house a few months ago. The weather's got warmer, and suddenly, I'm being bitten lots, which may just be a coincidence, I don't know. I notice particularly after I sit on the landing carpet, playing with DD. (Most rooms have wooden floors.) The previous owners had cats (as do we), but I can't see fleas on our cats or any other evidence, and they were recently treated. Help! Any ideas? If it is cat fleas, what's the best baby-friendly method of treatment?

OP posts:
girlywhirly · 24/02/2012 13:49

Flea eggs can remain dormant for many months in carpets, cracks in solid floors, under skirtings etc. They do not stick to the cats. I suggest you go to the vet and get some spray for the home environment and then vacuum very thoroughly. You only need to spray floors and walls up to about 2-3 ft and also sofas etc. They claim it is safe to return to the rooms after quite a short time. Don't be tempted to get any other product as the ones sold at the vets are most effective, and keep up the cats own treatments.

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