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The litter tray

Just need to have a bit of a rant :(

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TwllBach · 20/02/2012 22:31

My cat is fine. She is not in pain, she has access to dry food and water all the time and has wet food at the same time every day. She has a litter tray that is cleaned regularly and she can go out whenever she likes for however long she likes. She has plenty of 'private' spaces and cat beds and hidey holes. She sleeps on our bed at night and has cuddles when she wants them.

But she screams all day every day. Long and loud and without reason. If we are lucky it stops when we go to bed and if we are even luckier it doesn't start until our alarm goes off.

She is genuinely putting a strain on my relationship with DP and I know that sounds ridiculous, but it's the truth. I dot know how to stop her doing it and ta diving us both insane. DP is getting more and more unhappy because there is just never a moments peace. It's draining. He recently admitted that he is beginning to hate her.

At least once a week I find myself staring into the future at another 10/15 years of this and I despair. I see DP leaving because I couldn't ever rehome her and at some point it will just get too much for him, or I see her causing problems with future DC.

I know it's a long post and I know we sound like awful people, but it just feels like there is genuinely a life of misery ahead.

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TwllBach · 20/02/2012 22:57

...yup, there it is. DP just came through and tried to watch tv with me and the cat started again and the dog followed suit. DP said "I'm not sure how much more of this I can take Twll"

Fuckung brilliant.

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crazynanna · 20/02/2012 23:01

Have you had her checked out at the vet? Some cats' are really vocal just for the sod of it

TwllBach · 21/02/2012 06:28

I'm pretty certain that's what it is crazynanna just vbecause she wants to be and can! I've hear a lot about the Feliway plug ins so I might try one of those Smile

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SP0104 · 21/02/2012 11:24

Ours is (was) exactly the same, wants for nothing, lives the life of riley, she just goes on and on and on. Sometimes DH shuts her in the bedroom when he has had enough (he works from home). She even walks up to the dogs and does to their faces (cue boxers quizzical look - what!!). She just walked round meowing/screeching at nothing in particular and getting louder and louder.
We though it was her age (15) and a bit of senility.
She has been to the vets, had blood tests, been thoroughly examined and is in great health.
The week before christmas we acquired a 9 week old foundling kitten, and although our old cat is neither put out at the new arrival nor being loving and motherly towards it the constant meowing has instantly stopped !!!!!

TwllBach · 21/02/2012 11:51

That's the other thing SP0104 she winds the dog up on purpose by yowling in her face, and the dog gets fed up and starts squealing and then we have to tell the dog off. Cue smug look from cat.

What do I doooooooooo? I can't rehome the silly little thing, I do love the idea of her, really. And when she is quiet she is lovely! But she is just so loud

I know I mentioned buying Feliway, but who on earth can afford to buy anything other than necessities anymore anyway? If I bought that I would have to find it out of our £30 grocery budget

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TwllBach · 21/02/2012 17:36

I am shamelessly bumping because DP has just said that he looks forward to going to work just to get away from the car and dreads coming home and the weekends Sad

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crazynanna · 21/02/2012 17:38

Is she a Tortie? Apparently Torties are gobby

Sparklingbrook · 21/02/2012 17:38

I think I would get the cat checked out. My Mum's cat did this and he had an overactive thyroid.

TwllBach · 21/02/2012 17:57

She's a very pretty black cat with white bits. And she's all soft and velvety but a complete pain in the arse Grin

She's been to the vets on numerous occasions and nothing's wrong with her. Saying that, they can be a bit rubbish there, so maybe I will try again.

I am also aware that this is a ridiculous post and, as my younger brother. Put it so eloquently, a First World Problem Blush

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