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Is the expensive cat food (James Wellbeloved, Royal Canin) really work it?

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follygirl · 17/02/2012 20:46

I could really do with some advice. Our geriatric cat has been on whiskas biscuits all her life really. We've got a 1 year old rescue cat who was put on james wellbeloved in the rescue centre and we've continued with that diet. It's now time to move him onto adult food. Should I move both of them onto adult 'posh' food or is Whiskas okay.
I don't mind paying for the expensive stuff if it really is worth it, it's just so much more money than Whiskas.

Any advice appreciated.

OP posts:
follygirl · 17/02/2012 20:54

sorry, typo in the title worth it

OP posts:
Dustinthewind · 17/02/2012 21:00

I'd give them whatever they'll eat that's the cheapest.
Our elderly cat is on the Royal Canin Renal diet for medical reasons, and it is a lot more expensive but he needs it now. Before that he ate moggy food.

Dustinthewind · 17/02/2012 21:01

Did the rescue cat have medical issues that needed the special diet, or did they feed all the cats on it? A vet would advise you with better understanding.

follygirl · 17/02/2012 21:24

We got Banjo (our baby) as a kitten and they just had all the kittens on the James Wellbeloved kitten food as par for the course. We kept him on that as he was used to it.

OP posts:
OnlyHappyWhenEating · 19/02/2012 20:02

our cat eats morrison's own brand food - he will eat anything! which is one thing I really love about him!! if you look at the protein/meat content it is pretty similar across the brands...

MitchieInge · 19/02/2012 20:05

JW isn't that expensive, not like Hills for example, if you buy in bulk because they eat much smaller portions. Arden Grange is similar and cheaper though.

Ben10HasFinallyLeftTheBuilding · 19/02/2012 20:20

Our two have Fish 4 Cats. The 7.5kg bag works out around 15p per cat per day. It has no grains in it (which they can have problems digesting but obv. lots don't have a problem with - it is basically fish and potatoes with vitamins.

Ben10HasFinallyLeftTheBuilding · 19/02/2012 20:28

and the best thing for me is their poos are completely inoffensive on it Grin

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