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The litter tray

Kitten just bit lip my lip and made it bleed.

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Rollergirl1 · 13/02/2012 21:48

Kitten is 4 1/2 months now. Lately he is getting really bitey with me but only does it when he's trying to sleep on me. He will be all snuggly with me and keeps coming up right close to my chin and then tries to bite me on my chin or my neck. I keep telling him no and removing him and I thought he was starting to get the message. Tonight, just now, he was fast asleep on me for best part of an hour. I moved him slightly just to reach for something and he woke up a little bit, got up, rearranged himself and seemed like he was going back to sleep, then got back up again and bit me full on my lip! It bloody well hurt and I shouted 'NO' and threw him off me. He has made my lip bleed!

Why is he doing that? It's weird, it's almost like an affection thing but he's actually getting quite aggressive!

OP posts:
GirlWithPointyShoes · 13/02/2012 23:22

My kitten is the same age and has just clawed right into my breast and it has started to swell up. I did not want to start a new thread but the pain has started to spread.

One of her claws went right in and there is a slit with a purple bruise. She was just in her litter tray so I am slightly worried. I cleaned it with hot water and anti-bac wash.

Sorry to post on your thread.

Fluffycloudland77 · 14/02/2012 16:40

Not been neutered though have they? solves a multitude of problems.

3 weeks post op when your dh is saying well that was £50 well spent, glad he doesnt bite anymore.

kreecherlivesupstairs · 15/02/2012 09:03

My ginger boy does that. Luckily it's only little nips and when he wants to be stroked. He has, a couple of times, got a bit of skin and twisted. That hurts.

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