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The litter tray

How long is a piece of string?

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SharkBite · 11/02/2012 21:24

Now, i know this is a rubbish Q, but how often do cats normally poo?

Our cat has been terrorised by the neighbours tom, so has a litter tray inside all the time. What i want to know is whether she is still venturing outside to poo or not? She poo's in the tray about every 3-4 days. So, is she still going outside or not?

OP posts:
ParsleyTheLioness · 12/02/2012 21:04

I would say she's going outside. Our cat refuses to poo outside, and goes in the litter tray about once a day.

SharkBite · 12/02/2012 21:29

Ooh, thanks Parsley Smile. I am hoping this is the case as i would like to try and remove the litter tray again once the weather warms up and we are outside a bit more to help protect her from bastard bully cat.

OP posts:
ParsleyTheLioness · 12/02/2012 21:37

No worries! I live in hope that ours will (pic on profile).

SharkBite · 12/02/2012 21:46

Oh bless, i hope yours does too! Ours was fine until a couple of months ago and would literally be chased in the catflap with poo coming out Sad. Good to hear that once a day would be expected as we are definitely not getting that much, so she is still using outside

OP posts:
ParsleyTheLioness · 13/02/2012 14:58

That's my experience, mind you, ours is something of a guzzle-guts...

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