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Can I introduce an older cat to my kitten?

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OneForTheRoadThen · 08/02/2012 14:39

Hi, I have a beautiful 9 week old kitten who has settled in well but I've always wanted 2 cats. Would anyone be able to let me know if it is better to get another kitten or an older cat? I'd quite like to rehome an older one but I don't know if this is advisable.

I've seen lots of advice about introducing a kitten to an older cat but not the other way around!

Which would be the best option to try and ensure they get on as well as possible?


OP posts:
scroogemcduck · 08/02/2012 18:06

hmm, depends very much on the cat and the temperament of the kitten. Kittens seem to like someone 'close to their own age' - big cats often play less, so perhaps a cat under a year old would be OK. How about ringing your local Cats Protection League and describing your kitten's personality, then going to see a range of kittens and cats to see which might suit?

OneForTheRoadThen · 08/02/2012 20:41

Thank you! I called the RSPCA for advice not long after I posted impatient and they gave similar advice.

In case this is relevant to anyone else apparently kittens will adapt to one of their own age (or similar) if it is not possible to get a litter mate but older cats will find the kitten difficult :o

OP posts:
scroogemcduck · 08/02/2012 21:13

older cats find everything difficult [sceptical]. The weather, having to accept that they are not the sole occupant of your bed / not allowed to lick the butter off your toast / not allowed to wee on your baby's new quilt
FWIW we adopted 2 kittens from different shelters, different litters, and they adore each other, they really are like brothers. So best of luck Grin

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