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The litter tray

Old cat can't wee.

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DougalDaydream · 03/02/2012 23:17

I'm taking her to the vet first thing but wanted to ask if anyone here had experienced similar....

My cat will be 18 this summer - she's pretty deaf (and possibly a bit senile) but otherwise has been healthy. Earlier in this week she was acting a little strange, perching on the frontdoor step in a strange position, and hiding under a shelf in the larder (things she hasn't done before). She's also had a couple of accidents in the house. She eventually settled down and I thought she was ok.

Today she has been restless again and going to the corners of the rooms. I have put a litter tray inside for her as I thought maybe it was too cold for her to go out. She gets in it and squats for a few minutes but nothing comes out. She's done a poo, very small dry bits (constipated?) but can't seem to wee apart from a drop or two of very dark urine.

What could be wrong with her? Do you think she'll be treatable?

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hellymelly · 03/02/2012 23:24

Sounds like a UTI,and also as though she is really dehydrated which could turn into an emergency-if you pull up the scruff of her neck does it go back quite slowly? If you run a finger over her gums are they dryish? If either of these are true then I think the out-of-hours vet is needed as her kidneys could fail,dehydration can kill quickly (sadly I speak from experience) and she may need to go on a drip.
If her gums are nice and wet and she is drinking enough then i would still call the vet for advice just to get their view on whether it can wait until the morning.I don't want to panic you but it does sound as though it could be an emergency.

DougalDaydream · 03/02/2012 23:41

Thank you Hellymelly. Just checked her gums and they feel wet. Not sure about her neck because she does seem to have lose skin these days. I've seen her drinking today....she'll only drink the dog's water though.

She seems a bit more settled now. I'll keep an eye on her and phone the emergency number if anything changes. My appointment is at 9.20am.

Thanks again.

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hellymelly · 03/02/2012 23:47

That's good her gums are wet.The perching and the dark wee sound like a UTI,so hopefully that's all it is,they are quite common in older cats.She may have crystals in her urine which can make it very painful to wee. good you are going first thing-I hope she is ok soon ,post an update.Smile

DougalDaydream · 04/02/2012 11:16

Morning! Smile

Yes, a UTI. The vet said her bladder felt small and she didn't seem in pain or sore. She's had an injection and should be feeling better soon. Thank you for your help hellymelly!

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hellymelly · 04/02/2012 21:21

Oh that's a relief. The crouching and straining are classic UTI, I was hoping that was the only prob-I'm so glad she will be ok soon.They do tend to get them now and again,just like old ladies! Oh and also just like old ladies it can make their behaviour a bit peculiar,but as soon as the anti-bs kick in she should be her old self.Give her a stroke from me! (I'm missing having a cat,we live on a road now too busy to risk it).

DougalDaydream · 05/02/2012 11:38

Will do! Thank you Smile

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