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Won't put any weight on front paw

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SocialButterfly · 01/02/2012 16:33

My gorgeous boy Casper has been limping all day, he won't put any weight on his front leg. He hasn't really moved all day. There is no obvious damage, I have vets appt in an hour but any ideas what he could have done and what the treatment might be?

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SweetestThing · 01/02/2012 16:40

Our cat was like this a few months ago. Turned out he had been in a scrap with another cat and had got bitten/scratched and it had got infected. Course of anti-biotics and a hefty vet's bill later, he was back to his normal bruiser self!!

Good luck at the vet's.

SocialButterfly · 01/02/2012 16:42

Thanks he does get in to scraps so it could be that! Just as well I've just been paid!

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