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Diabetic 14yr old cat

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faeriefruitcake · 31/01/2012 13:22

Cat's diabetic, Vet said specialist diet.

Hills m/d wet

Where can I buy things cheaper than the arm and the leg the vet is currently charging?

Or alternatives that won't break the bank, please and thank-you

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Lizcat · 01/02/2012 13:34

You can buy both from an Internet pharmacy, you will need a prescription for the can insulin which the vet will charge for and you will need to at home to recieve it as it should be sent by refrigerated courier. The food you do not need a prescription for, personally I don't use special diets in diabetic cats unless they are overweight as benefits haven't been proven.

faeriefruitcake · 01/02/2012 21:53

Thanks, have you got the website please.

OP posts:
Lizcat · 02/02/2012 08:32

there are multiple different websites just type in the products you are looking for in to google.

faeriefruitcake · 02/02/2012 14:57

Thanks I know this, I'm hoping somebody out here can recommend a website

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