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Vet wants to send cat for tests, not sure I want to?

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beaker25 · 29/01/2012 17:47

I have a 13 year old moggie who i rehomed about two years ago. She's been back and forth to the vets since christmas with cysitis. They're concerned that she's losing a lot of weight, she's lost about 30% of her body weight in two years and another 10% in the last month, although she's eating normally and seems fine other than an occasional cysitis bout. So the vet wants to send her for a day of tests and scans on Tuesday. They think it might be bladder stones in which case they'd need to operate.

I'm not sure I want to send her. She's incredibly timid. She wont go outside at all, She's frightened of unknown people to the point where she'll hide the entire time anyone else is in the house. She particualry hates men, apart from my dp, and all the vets at this practice seem to be men. To do the tests she'd need to be left at the vet on her own, then transported to another site. I'm pretty sure I won't allow them to operate, if thats what they find they need to do.

I feel it would be too stressful for her. I think I'd rather let her live out the rest of her life in peace and at home. I think I might refuse the scan, and only take her back to the vets if/ when she seems in pain or unhappy. I'm not sure whether I'm doing the right thing though? I might end up making her life shorter this way, but I think it might be a happier life? Suppose I would just like some opinions on whether I'm being horribly cruel!

OP posts:
mycatsaysach · 29/01/2012 17:53

i think you may be right
is your cat insured?
our is and was ill as a kitten/young cat - was told he was v v poorly was sent to stay at vets and then to special clinic (costing £1000s) i called and asked for him to come home after a night as i was so worried about him being ill away from home
they told me they were happy to continue various tests to see what exactly was wrong (i bet they were Smile )
anyway we took him home gave him the tablets prescribed for a while - then one day we ran out and he looked fine so i stopped giving them.hey guess what he's pretty much fine
go with your instinct
good luck

ohbugrit · 29/01/2012 17:56

Have they checked a urine sample? Often uroliths (bladder stones) can be cleared up successfully with dietary modification. A urine sample and a blood test would give lots of information about her health and could surely be done at a branch surgery unless she's extra aggressive.

Just be honest with the vet - surgery isn't an option you'd consider, you aren't keen on the stress this is causing her (stress is a major factor in most feline cystitis cases) and what other options could you consider?

ohbugrit · 29/01/2012 17:59

I do think treatment is important though - have you ever had cystitis? It may be a case of addressing her stress levels and giving anti-inflammatory medication, but it does need to be treated.

beaker25 · 29/01/2012 20:49

Yes she is insured luckily! She's had a urine test and blood sample already is currently on a special diet. The cysitis seems pretty much under control for now. They seem to think there is something else wrong because of the weightloss.

I think I'll phone the vet tomorrow and talk it through with them. I've felt a bit reluctant to be honest with them, because I want to ignore their advice, but I think I probably should talk it through it through with them. I'd consider any options as long as she wouldn't find them too stressful, but she seems to find most things stressful! I've got some feliway that ive just plugged in, so hopefuly that will help.

OP posts:
LipstickLover · 29/01/2012 20:51

I know the tests are awful but loving in pain when you might be able to alleviate it?...

beaker25 · 29/01/2012 20:54

Are there symptons to look out for that mean she might be in pain? As far as I can tell she is happy and no pain. But, if she is in pain then i definitely want that sorted.

OP posts:
beaker25 · 29/01/2012 20:56

Dont know if it makes any difference but she was tiny even before weightloss. She's still eating well, but she only weighs 2.6 kilos now.

OP posts:
LipstickLover · 29/01/2012 21:22

2.6 is very small, but she might be small, have you tried adjusting her food? Are the vets sure she has a medical issue? Does she like food?

eirikthered · 30/01/2012 17:06

Cats that are in pain will often:

Dislike being touched
Hide/go up on top of cupboards
Pant (like a dog when it's hot!)

More rarely they will actually purr - it's a self-soothing thing.

Dramatic weight loss can be caused by a lot of things, feline peritonitis and cancer are just two. If I were you I'd be reluctant to stress her out too - so long as she's comfortable and enjoying a reasonable quality of life then there doesn't seem like a good case for interference.

Be honest with your vet though - in my experience of nursing 4 elderly cats through their twilight years vets do appreciate that stressful treatment isn't always appropriate, esp for nervous cats. It's kinder to keep her happy and comfortable for what may be a shorter time than doing invasive tests that will cause her distress but which may lengthen her life.

twange · 31/01/2012 08:16

Has she been tested for thyroid problems? This caused my cat to lose weight and also he behaved more 'skitsy' and uptight.

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