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Furious cat

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frillyflower · 28/01/2012 09:51

This morning something or someone tried to come through the cat flap.

Frillycat 1 (bossy) was there spitting and screeching at once and frillycat2 (nervous) provided backup from the doorway of the sitting room.

Frillycat 1 then attacked Frillycat2 and me - and ever since has been in a furious strop (huge fluffed up tail, glaring, hissing, jumps on Cat2 every time it tries to come out from behind the sofa).

Well Cat People - why is she attacking us? We weren't interfering with her flap!

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 28/01/2012 10:48

Oh shes just wound up, stick her out in the garden to cool off.

Mine does this when we take a kill off him. He cant settle till hes out trying to murder something else feathery.

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