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Had fluffy fatso pts this morning

24 replies

Latsia · 24/01/2012 17:09

Cat. We miss her. DC1 keeps asking where she is but is too young to understand any kind of answer really. We all have colds and are miserable anyway. Hardest thing was to come back home and pack away the basket and feeding bowls. Even her arch rival (other cat) looks slightly puzzled and lost.

Kidney failure so not really unexpected. But was perky for ages. But got a cold and has been miserable. Probably would have rallied. But not for long. Had lost lots of weight. And miserable in the meantime. Didn't want to leave it until she could barely lift her head with the effort of living.

Will be ok tomorrow, but could do with a hug if anyone is around Sad

OP posts:
serotoninbutterfly · 24/01/2012 17:11

Hug Sad I know how you feel, I miss my boy still after he was pts while I was pregnant. But, he was very poorly and it was for the best, sounds like its the same for you too. It gets better xx

Latsia · 24/01/2012 17:18

Thanks serotonin. It's hard isn't it. It was for the best. It's just a bit miserable as I've had both my girls for over 10 years - they've been with me through everything. And were slightly miserable over the arrival of two bawling babies but have even recovered from that.

Well at least she got to meet the DC I guess and vice versa. Haven't even got time to have a little sob.

OP posts:
2blessed2bstressed · 24/01/2012 17:18

((Hug)) It's really hard, isn't it? When our furry old man couldn't go on any longer, after we left the vets, my dsis took me out for coffee to a really nice place out of town. They have a gift shop too with some lovely things - I bought an ornament (not going to say more, as would definitely out me), and it has pride of place as my wee memorial for him!

yellowraincoat · 24/01/2012 17:20

Oh poor you, it's hard to lose a pet x

Latsia · 24/01/2012 17:31

Thanks 2blessed - that's such a lovely idea - and yellowraincoat.

It was the right time. Could have done maybe a few weeks more but she couldn't tell me how crap she was feeling. Ugh. Pets.


OP posts:
kreecherlivesupstairs · 24/01/2012 17:59

Lucky fluffy fatso. Sounds odd but you had the compassion to have her PTS before it all got too much.

Latsia · 24/01/2012 18:19

Yes kreecher thanks, you're right. It helps me to keep reminding myself of that. Im glad it was this way if it had to be any way at all. Just brutal though isn't it.

Thanks everyone - it has helped to have a moment on here while holding the fort at home.

OP posts:
Latsia · 24/01/2012 18:23

ps seratonin at least your boy also got to meet your DC too - even though disguised as a bump. Feels somehow important.

OP posts:
hennipenni · 24/01/2012 19:39

Latsia, I know how you feel. We had our old boy put to sleep last week, the vet thanked DH for taking him to be put to sleep. You made the right decision for her.

Latsia · 24/01/2012 20:03

Thanks hennipenni.

And I'm sorry to hear about your boy. It's horrid isn't it.

I've just put all her special dietary food (renal) away, and her powders etc. It felt strange not having to give her dinner tonight. She normally sits on the sofa and snores in the evening while I watch tv and feed DC2 to sleep and I keep looking over at an empty space Sad

OP posts:
momnipotent · 24/01/2012 21:54

A big hug from me too, Latsia. We had to get one of ours pts last summer - she was on the third go round of being hyperthyroid, we'd already been treating her for 4 years and she'd gone through 2 rounds of radioactive iodine. We just couldn't get rid of it! When it came back the third time I just didn't have the heart to put her through all the testing and the treatment again. So we let her go. :( It is the hardest decision I have ever had to make. But I know I made the right decision for her, I'm just sad for me.

Latsia · 25/01/2012 00:28

Thanks momnipotent. That sounds like a tough time. I'm sorry to hear.

Your last sentence is a good way of putting it. That's how I feel.

OP posts:
MollyintheMoon · 25/01/2012 00:38

My 10yr old dog had to be pts this Christmas very suddenly. We weren't prepared for it at all Sad.

She's irreplaceable but I couldn't bear the house being so quiet (despite the children) so I got a rescue cat. Smile

For me it's about remembering all the great times you've had with your pet. The end is horrible but the years of companionship and and fun more than make up for it.

Latsia · 25/01/2012 00:54

Ugh that's awful Molly, I'm really sorry. No time to prepare Sad

Yes I will try to focus on the good times. I guess I just feel a bit guilty as she and arch rival cat had me to themselves for so long but have had to get used to sharing me with DC who have admittedly become top priority in the past two years. But she did have a nice life and was loved by all. I must try and remember that.

OP posts:
BustersOfDoom · 25/01/2012 01:15

Oh sorry to hear that Latsia, but you did the right thing. It doesn't make it any easier tho. My heart broke when we had our 3 lovely very old moggies pts when their illnesses seriously affected their quality of life. Our current two are 9 and 19. The 19 year old is on 2 tablets a day but is holding her own and doing well so far.

She came to live with us on DS's 5th birthday and they absolutely adore each other. I know she won't be with us for much longer and I know he will be absolutely devastated when the time comes. As will we. But that just means we love her and that's what having a pet is all about. It sounds like you loved fluffy fatso lots and have her a happy life and that's all that counts.

Latsia · 25/01/2012 07:50

Thanks Busters. It's hard knowing they haven't got long and dreading when the day comes too.

OP posts:
Secondwife · 25/01/2012 10:38

((hugs)) for your loss. It's the hardest part of pet ownership but the final act of love we can do for them.

MummyNic · 25/01/2012 21:22

Massive hugs Sad thank you for popping on my thread. I am struggling without my girl, but I know it was the right thing to do for her. You made the right decision too.

Doesn't make the pain go away though Sad
I hate being at home at the moment , the memories are so strong. Tempted to sell up and move (if only the housing market weren't so rubbish!) Sad

Latsia · 25/01/2012 22:32

Thanks Secondwife and MummyNic.

And thanks everyone who replied. It has helped.


OP posts:
hennipenni · 27/01/2012 12:37

Hi Latsia, how are you doing? I hate the big void and feeling of emptyness that I feel. DH is fetching our boys ashes tonight, will of course be glad to have him home but it's opened up the grief again.

Latsia · 27/01/2012 13:28

Hi hennipenni

Oh poor you, yes I know exactly what you mean. I think MummyNic put it well when she said the initial horror has worn off but it's the general emptiness - and as you put it the 'wrongness' - of the house that hurts.

What will you do with the ashes?

OP posts:
hennipenni · 27/01/2012 14:03

Hi Latsia, when we're ready we have decided that we are going to bury his ashes in a sunny spot in the garden and will have a little memorial for him. Both DD3 and I would like a little water feature to mark his spot. I looked at his spot yesterday but I'm not ready to put him there just yet (too cold, not sunny just yet - stupid really) so we've decided that for now we're going to put him in his favourite spot which is always lovely and warm!

What did you do with your girl?

Latsia · 27/01/2012 15:45

A water feature is a lovely idea.

Yes our girl will also settle in the garden. I know what you mean about not being ready though.

OP posts:
Onesunnymorningin2012 · 29/01/2012 12:47

So sorry Latsia (((hugs)))

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