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sneezing cat- all the basics checked

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feekerry · 23/01/2012 18:07

my little cat started sneezing quite badly couple of weeks ago and occasionally was seen rubbing her nose. she's well known for sticking her face places it shouldn't be so i wasnt too worried at first and she's well in herself. after 10 ish days it got really bad to the point where she was waking everyone up at night so took her to the vets. they were sure she's prob got a grass seed or something stuck up her nose so said they'd keep her in for couple of days and sedate her and have a good look around. they rang a couple of days later and said they couldn't find a thing in her nose or throat, and had x rayed her head, face, chest and that was fine too. they said there was no inflamation or mucus to indicate any problems and that she hadn't sneezed at all in the 2 days she was in the vets. so, £170 quid later, took her home and she was fine for 2-3 days. no sneezing at all. but she's started sneezing really badly again? i haven't changed anything at all in the house so cant see what she's be reacting too? she seems okay in herself, if a bit fed up by the constant sneezing. any ideas? someome has said it can be a sign of cancer??? :(

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Devilforasideboard · 23/01/2012 19:01

We had this with one of ours - turned out he was allergic to the air freshener. Have you changed air freshener, detergent etc recently?

feekerry · 23/01/2012 20:23

I'm racking my brains to think of anything we've changed but cant think of anyting. She is a big hunter and out door cat so I was wondering whether shes become allergic to something outside or has found some kind less than desirable hole to stick her head down. Can I give her some piriton or something? We dont use air freshners or sprays or anyting like that and used the same washing powder for years. I have other cats who are totally fine.

OP posts:
Devilforasideboard · 27/01/2012 10:45

With mine we hadn't actually changed the air freshener, he just suddenly seemed to become sensitive to it. Poor wee soul was sneezing so much it sounded like he was coughing. Would it be worth changing washing powder to see if that helps? If it continues I'd think of taking her back to the vet to see if there's anything else they can do, a few doses of metacam did stop the sneezing for a while. I felt so guilty when I worked out what was actually causing it!

eirikthered · 27/01/2012 15:03

Tempting though it might be to give her a piriton DON'T. Human medicines and animal medicines aren't always the same and the doses certainly aren't. The vet (quite rightly) gave my mum an almighty bollocking for giving our dog half an ibuprofen out of desperation (the dog was in serious pain). It's really not a good idea and you definitely don't want to accidentally poison her.

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