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Is tinned tuna okay for my 14 week old kitten?

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Rollergirl1 · 08/01/2012 14:19

I just gave him a bit in his bowl as a treat and he's polished it all off. I don't know if he's had it before. But I suddenly got the fear that he shouldn't be eating things like that yet and should be just on kitten food. Will he get an upset tummy? He has had bits of chicken and turkey before and has been fine.

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 08/01/2012 18:56

I think it should be ok as a treat.

hellhasnofury · 08/01/2012 18:59

Mental note to self not to read on phone. I was wondering why a 14 week old baby would be being fed tuna.

I'm pretty sure it won't hurt your kitten as a treat. If he were a farm cat he'd be eating a lot worse at the same age.

eirikthered · 09/01/2012 19:11

As the others said, as a treat is fine. One of our old cats used to wail and try to climb up the cupboards as soon as you punctured the tin! I wouldn't feed it to him all the time just because of the salt content - chicken and turkey is better because less salty. Ours have all gone crazy for lean raw beef mince too!

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