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The litter tray

Cat with Cystitis

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JerseySpud · 04/01/2012 12:58

Hi ladies

Am new on the board but am wondering if someone can help

I took my cat to the vets new years eve as she was constantly squatting and crying. They have said she has cystitis, gave her two injections and some medicine. I've given her the medicine religiously and its due to end tomorrow but now shes started peeing on things like my husbands coat and my shopping bag.

I've booked her back into the vets tomorrow as this is really unusual for her, shes a very clean cat normally.

I guess what i'm trying to ask is 'Is this normal for a cat with cystitis 4 days after treatment?'

OP posts:
GroovyRach · 05/01/2012 00:55

One of my cats developed cystitis after I had dd. normally a very cuddly cat but after a few weeks was peeing all over baby stuff! Thought he was just being bad until I noticed blood Sad. Vet said cystitis due to stress of baby. He was given metacam to be added to wet food. Said to try get as much water into him as poss and it would help the irritation in his bladder and stop the constant urge to pee. I added water to his wet food which was a bonus. Think he was on the metacam for 7 days with a return visit to vet after that for check up. Decided to extend for another 7 days but he was fine by this point. Also got one of those felleway (?) plugins to help settle him.

Maybe another trip to vet is needed. Gd luck Smile

LiamsMummyJaz · 06/02/2012 11:06

My cat did this when he had cystitis. They wee on things that they find comfortable, as they start associating the litter tray with pain

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