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Think Kitten may have only one descended testicle.

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Rollergirl1 · 03/01/2012 17:27

Our kitten went back for his 2nd lot of jabs today and the vet had trouble finding his second testicle. He did eventually say that he could feel it but it is obviously quite high up. He said that they should be able to reach it when we come to get him neutured. What happens if they can't reach it? Will he have to have another operation? Or does it matter if they don't remove it? And how common is this?

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Lizcat · 03/01/2012 17:32

I see a cat with one or even two undescended testicle about three times a year. It is important that an undescended one is removed as they are more likely to become cancerous than a regular testicle. Normal we check before we start the op and then if we have to go on a testicle search get permission from the owner to do it all in one op.

Rollergirl1 · 03/01/2012 17:46

Thanks Lizcat. Why would it not have descended? Would it be classed as a birth defect or is this something that can just happen after they are born?

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