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NotSuchASmugMarriedNow · 30/12/2011 08:08

does anyone know of any pet insurance companies that don't require you to pay an excess fee?

Every quote I get requires me to pay the first £50ish worth of treatment but I go to the vets for minor ailments which costs between £20-£30 each time. I'd be paying insurance and still paying for the vets, which is silly really.

Or shall I just not bother with insurance?

OP posts:
BibiBlocksberg · 30/12/2011 10:02

Glad to see this post as I've been driving myself mad thinking along similar cat care lines.

Found out recently that my vet does a pet care scheme which is £10 per month by direct debit and for that I wouldn't have to pay the consultation fee anytime I think they need to see the vet, vaccinations, annual check-ups and blood tests (if needed)

It's very tempting since the fairly minor ailments always turn expensive because of the consultation fee each time.

On the other hand, a vets own scheme won't provide any cover for things like ongoing conditions, broken limbs or other illnesses and diseases insurance gives cover for.

Sorry to go on, I thought it might be worth you asking your vet what they offer.

I call my two the £50 cats :) - since each and every visit seems to end up at that amount with the blinking fee they charge just to see them.

NotSuchASmugMarriedNow · 30/12/2011 10:57

tks Bibi

you know what, i'm gonna open an account just for the cat and put £10 a month in it - hate insurance, it's just a form of gambling really and we all know the house always wins

OP posts:
BibiBlocksberg · 30/12/2011 11:22

Well yes, that's a point I keep going over especially considering all the exclusions that apply to every insurance policy.

And then I come back to the fear that if anything big was needed then I'd be left having to watch them suffer because I wouldn't be able to afford even a bill of a couple of hundred pounds from my own pocket.

Martin Lewis (the money saver guy) used to advise putting money away each month for potential vet bills rather than insurance but when I looked yesterday even he's changed his tune.

He makes a valid point that building up savings in an account is good but leaves you (general you) vulnerable while a decent amount builds up.

I might join you in the £10 a month self save scheme but keep insurance in place for a year while the reserve builds up.

My head hurts with this atm it really does :)

Then again, my little critters will insist on getting themselves covered in fight wounds/ be off their food etc whenever i have a real 'bones of my arse' month.

I swear they wait for me to spend my last fiver on cat food and then develop something which needs the vet.

Good job I love them so much :)

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