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The litter tray


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G0ldenbrown · 15/12/2011 11:37


This is my first post in Litter tray but my cats are driving me mad. They are constantly yowling for food even though I'm giving them more than the recommended amount.

I have two beautiful cats, they are 4 years old and housecats. i have always fed them wet food but have occassionally tried to shift them onto dry but they dont touch it unless it's mixed with wet and even them they pick the chunks out!

I love them dearly but the amount they are eating is costing me a fortune and they just don't seem happy. (Obviously I'm willing to keep up with the cost, but the way things are at the mo if I can save some cash it's a winner)

I'm wondering if I should try again to change them to dry food, but if I do them every time I go into the kitchen they are going to scream at me for food and I'm worried they just wont eat it.

Any advice?

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oreocrumbs · 16/12/2011 15:42

Cats are scavengers they will eat anything! However they know how to control us and get what they want! If you want to then give them say 1 or 2 pouches a day and leave dry down for the rest of the time. Are they bored? Do they have access to places to run, climb, jump, scratch etc? That might be why they are kicking up such a fuss!

G0ldenbrown · 16/12/2011 17:07

Hadn't considered Boredom but I doubt it. They have full run of the house including 'cat room' which used to be 'visitor room' until they took a liking to the high bed. They also have a HUGE scratching post that is attached to the liking room wall and they can climb and jump on. They also have a dog to beat up and chase (they are by far the top dog in this house.

The only time they kick up is when we go into the kitchen. I've given them dry today with half a tin of food this morning and hoping to get away with giving them half a tin tonight but they are not happy kitties

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