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Moving to a house on the same street - how did your cats cope? Any tips?

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IfAtFirstUDontSucceed · 02/12/2011 19:23

The opportunity has come up for us to move in to a lovely house directly across the road from us. The only thing that is holding me back is the possibility of my two cats getting very confused about where they live!

They are outdoor cats, but we've no cat flap, so whenever they want to be let in they'll yowl at the back door.

This house is literally a stones throw away, and all I can imagine is our poor little puddys yowling to be let in to a house that they no longer live at and getting very confused :(

Has anyone ever moved to a home in the immediate area, and how did your cats cope?

OP posts:
EllenandBump · 02/12/2011 20:21

My mum a while ago took on a cat that used to live next door to her and now the cat doesnt even bother going anywhere near there. And anyway, if you call them and they dont come, you'll know where to look. Best thing you can do is to keep them in for a few days though when you do move, so they get used to your new home. And at least if they do wonder back you can go collect them, where as if you move out the area you wouldnt be able to. Look at the positives, you can even talk to the people that move in. x

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