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is is normal for a cat to.......

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paisleyII · 25/11/2011 19:46

go MENTAL if another poor sod (cat) makes the mistake of sitting on our windowsil? freaks me out, happened a few times now, our normally chilled out affectioniate cat that looks like she couldn't force her way out of a paper bag, goes BALLISTIC and leaps at the (closed) window to ward off any cats that sit there. she has only been with us for just over 3 weeks and was rescued from living rough in an east london builders yard so i guess is protecting her patch but i didn't think that cats were that mental. you wouldn't want to mess with her :)

OP posts:
Cinquefoil · 25/11/2011 19:48

One of mine does this - really sounds like she's being strangled or something. It's quite terrifying. (The other invites cats in and lets them eat all the food.)

SecretNutellaFix · 25/11/2011 19:53

Yes, totally. Our Girlcat used to launch herself at the window if there was even a cat daring to walk along the wall outside our house. We used to just scream with laughter as she scrabbled desperately at the window yowling at the audacious feline who would just be looking at us as if to say- "you have that in your house?"

Thankfully middle age has chilled her now and she settles at hissing quietly.

By the way- Girlcat has never set foot on this particular side of the building- she and her brother are housecats!

paisleyII · 25/11/2011 20:08

thanks chaps. i tell you, last night i was working in the 'hub' (as we call it) when i heard this crash BANG madness in the front room. dh was in there, i ran in thinking something had falled on litek (!) and hurt her as i heard her screaming and generally going mental but dh told me she just launched herself at the window like a madwomen, handbags at dawn. all my tin collection which 'used' to live on the windowsil was flying in all directions. actually, we are beginning to find it quite entertaining but tbh it does still scare the shit out of me when it happens, oh the joys of having a cat in your home :)

OP posts:
SecretNutellaFix · 25/11/2011 20:28

All three of us who have this issue- have you noticed it's our female cats?Confused

Milliways · 25/11/2011 20:29

My (huge) cat has taken to staring through the neighbours glass doors at their kittens - just letting them know now that HE owns this patch! Grin

SecretNutellaFix · 25/11/2011 20:32

Maybe he's trying to identify an apprentice, so he can teach them how to terrorise the neighbourhood, Milliways?

Tell them who hates cats, and where to shit in their gardens for optimal fury upon discovery? Which homes to target the family canine in by sitting on a wall just swishing a tail 2 inches out of reach?Grin

Fluffycloudland77 · 25/11/2011 20:42

My cat has a best friend who is allowed in the garden but if he comes too close to the house then its psycho pussy cat time.

LikeACandleButNotQuite · 25/11/2011 21:00

My girl cat growls like a dog everytime the doorbell rings, then scarpers whenever I let the visitor in. I think girl cats are just odd.

My boy cat has a little pal down the street who he's always bringing in for tea Hmm

paisleyII · 25/11/2011 21:26

likeacandle - that is so sweet, i can't imagine litek every doing that, dh calls her 'physco cat' but in a nice way as if he is calling her 'tiddles', sounds really funny, they really are very curious characters

OP posts:
Milliways · 25/11/2011 21:54

Grin SecretNutellaFix!

He already sits on top of the neighbours kennel to wind their dogs up. and sleeps in middle of non-pet owners driveway :)

JelliBelli · 26/11/2011 12:17

My territorial female is a tortie. What colour is yours?

LikeACandleButNotQuite · 26/11/2011 12:51

Mines a grey and black tabby

JeelyPiece · 26/11/2011 13:02

My black and white girl does this, and I have learned to leap up and shut the living room door to trap her in as she then hares through the house, out the flap, round the side alley and appears seconds later speeding past the window in a rage, pursuing this other cat. Which, TBF, is quite an irritating beast.

paisleyII · 26/11/2011 18:07

minie a tortoise shell too. she went mental again today at the ginger tom who came and sat on our windowsil again. and to add to the fun, there is a mouse that lives in our back garden. dd and i were just watching it sitting on our bin eating a bit of dried bread that he had pulled out of the bin liner - this bin is RIGHT by our house and it was eating watching us as we were watching it cooing. we both like mice although i don't want them in the house, it was quite big with huge eyes :) i don't want the cat to kill it either, would be quite upset

OP posts:
kreecherlivesupstairs · 27/11/2011 08:17

My two are scaredy cats by comparison then. There is a big black cat who lives somewhere in our neighbourhood.
I watched both boys run away from him as he strolled in our shed to eat the food that I leave in there for when I'm out [soft and wonders why boys are fattso's].
Really, black boy walked in the open door, they both came out like bats out of hell.
They are pretty rough with each other though.

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