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My 22 year old lady seemed to go completely blind for ten minutes or so

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kingrololovesrolos · 24/11/2011 21:03

...was about to take her to the emergency vet and her sight just seemed to suddenly come back. Have an appointmnet for her tomorrow, but has anyone else had any expereince of this? I am fretting something terrible, at her age she's already on borrowed time.

OP posts:
kingrololovesrolos · 24/11/2011 21:51

Anyone? Sad

OP posts:
HeadsRollingInTheAisles · 24/11/2011 21:57

Sorry to hear this. One thing that can cause sight trouble in cats is vey high blood pressure. When this happens if you can get it under control quickly (oral medication) it can save their sight. Obviously this is a bit of a long shot idea of what might be the issue but the reason I mention it is that vets need special equipment to be able to measure a cats blood pressure and some don't have it. It might be something worth asking about tomorrow.

My old cat had this and we were able to resolve it and he had a good few more years. With my cat it was a secondary issu likely related to his kidneys.

More info here.

kingrololovesrolos · 24/11/2011 22:34

Thank you! Comforting to know it could be something fixable. Her poor old kidneys aren't in the best state so I think that could be a likelky cause as well. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

OP posts:
HeadsRollingInTheAisles · 24/11/2011 23:11

Fingers crossed for tomorrow. Let us know how it goes.

kingrololovesrolos · 30/11/2011 23:10

She's still with us :) Costing a small fortune in blood pressure and kidney medication mind, but not run out of her alloted nine as yet.

OP posts:
HeadsRollingInTheAisles · 01/12/2011 23:13

Good news! Hope she continues to improve :)

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