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Feline Acne - I'm getting desperate now

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ShengdanRoad · 22/11/2011 15:23

Does anyone on here have experience of curing feline acne?

Our 1-year-old cat Ming has an ongoing case. We found her as a tiny kitten abandoned in the street here in Shanghai, and nursed her to health. As she grew, it became clear that she's a Turkish Angora and she's a great little cat (with odd-colored eyes!)

She's in perfect health apart from this constant black rash of acne she has under her chin. She's white, so it really sticks out. She's had ear-mites but I'm pretty sure they're gone now. She also gets black gunk around her eyes.

I've taken her to four vets and none has known what to do about the acne. I've tried scrubbing it with cat shampoo, changing her plastic bowls to porcelain ones, and shaving her chin. Nothing works.

We have another cat - a big ginger tom who was also a street cat - and he is absolutely fine. No acne.

Any advice would be very, very welcome.

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Fluffycloudland77 · 22/11/2011 18:48

When you say acne do you mean actual spots???

HeadsRollingInTheAisles · 22/11/2011 19:06

Sort have to run and will be back lager but you need stainless steel bowls not porcelain. Also you can get a special cleansing solution from vets, will check name in UK.

Magnumwhite · 22/11/2011 19:09

Chlorhexidine scrub is the solution I think.
what treatment has she had already?

HeadsRollingInTheAisles · 22/11/2011 19:15

That's the one Magnum! Good to hold a warm compress against it before cleansing daily and then gently cleanse, don't scrub. You can also get your vet to send off a sample to check if it's yeast, fungal, mites etc. I've heard f some antibiotic treatment plans but don't have any experience of it.

suzikettles · 22/11/2011 19:21

Gosh, this is what our cat had. I didn't realise it had a name!

I first thought it had come from her resting her chin against a fairly mouldy windowsill but it seemed to be related to fleas in her case.

Anyway, after I started regularly treating her with Frontline it went away. I think she's slightly allergic to the bites.

HeadsRollingInTheAisles · 22/11/2011 19:22

Suzi, cats can definitely get flea allergies too and it can look similar.

ShengdanRoad · 23/11/2011 04:46

Thanks for the tips. I'll change her bowls to stainless steel and get hold of some Chlorhexidine (after I've found out how to say it in Chinese Grin)

When I was treating her ear mites with Oridermyl, the acne went away. Maybe I'll start giving it to her again.

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