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The litter tray

What can I expect in the first few days

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Dancergirl · 17/11/2011 21:46

We are adopting an 8-month old kitten next week and we're all very excited!

I've bought litter tray, litter, scoop, food bowls, scratching post, food and a few toys to start with. And a book about cat care!

The lady from the rescue centre is bringing her next week, Tuesday I think. We've never had cats before so this is a totally new experience. I thought it was best for her to bring her while the children are at school so she can get to know the house a bit before they come home.

So what can I expect? I suppose I'm thinking about will she know to use the litter tray in a new environment or could she have a few accidents? And I've bought both wet and dry food but how much of each and when?

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 18/11/2011 14:20

You can expect to be intensively trained by the cat. Deviation from the training syllabus will result in furious miaowing to get you back on track.

As long as they can see the tray their generally ok.

The amount to feed is on the pack usually. I would expect an 8 month old to need at least two pouches of food a day but they vary. My bengal eats 3 pouches a day and a handfull of applaws biscuits but sil persian eats 1.5 pouches a day. Most people feed morning and tea time, I leave biscuits down overnight to stave off death from starvation.

You should be able to tell the difference between genuine hunger and attention miaows after a week or so. Mostly you feed kitten food until a year old but I started feeding adult food early as he is so active, personally I find maize free food the best eg pouches tend to be mostly meat.

Enjoy your new kitten!

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