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Cat let out for the first time today and not back yet. I'm worried - should I be?

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KirstyJC · 16/11/2011 14:12

2 weeks ago we got a young adult male cat from the Cats Protection. He is between 1 - 2 years old and has been neutered, chipped etc.

The rescue said we should keep him in for 2 weeks before letting him out, which we have done. The last couple of days he has made it clear he wants to go out - sitting by doors and meowing etc and last night he weed on the doormat, so we thought today would be the day.

My DH usually feeds him in the mornings as he is first down, but he agreed that he wouldn't feed him this morning as I was going to let him out. Unfortunately he did feed him because he forgot, and I didn't check so I let him out about 9.30 this morning.

He still hasn't come back and I'm stupidly worried.

We are about 200 yards away from a busy village road but the back (where I let him out) is mainly gardens onto fields. I did see him from an upstairs window at about 11.30 in the garden next door but one, and he was looking at their cat, but I haven't seen him since.

I have done the shake the biscuits thing and nothing. Should I be worrying yet? Or is it just because he has a full tum and isn't hungry yet? He is a right dustbin when it comes to food so I was expecting him back by now.

OP posts:
sospanfach · 16/11/2011 14:19

no, do not panic yet. Call him at teatime, when he is presumably used to being fed. He'll be hungry by then and should come in as he will be expecting food. Keep calm for now, and keep us updated. He's likely to have gone off for a huge mooch and forgotten the time, to be honest. He will be back when he is hungry Smile

KirstyJC · 16/11/2011 14:20

HE'S BACK! No sooner did I write this than he strolled in the door like he's been doing it all his life. Bloomin' animal Grin

God help me when it's time to let the kids out on their own!

OP posts:
KirstyJC · 16/11/2011 14:21

X post- thanks sospanfach, you were right Grin

whoever said you're a dog's master and a cat's slave was right, eh?!

OP posts:
sospanfach · 16/11/2011 14:30

Yes...dhogs have owners and cats have staff. If he does it again and for longer do not panic. The first cat we had from CPL stayed in for 2 weeks, ran away for TEN DAYS then came back, realised she was not a stray anymore and hardly ever went out anymore Grin

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