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The litter tray

3 weeks till we get our kitten!

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Rollergirl1 · 12/11/2011 18:34

Went to see the litter again yesterday. They are 6 weeks old and absolutely adorable! So, we need to get on and get buying stuff. I have the following list. Do we need anything else?

Cat Carrier
Cat Bed + Blanket
Litter Tray + Litter
Scratch post
Food + water bowls
Few toys
Kitten food

We are going to spend tomorrow making the house kitten-safe. We have numerous toy boxes throughout the house and lots of plastic tat all over the place. I am planning to set the kitten's bed up in the kitchen so need to make sure that there aren't lots of little parts from toys that he can choke on.

Bless, the poor little thing is probably going to feel really lonely when he comes to us. He is used to having 10 other kittens and 2 mummy cats around him. How can we help him settle in?

OP posts:
kreecherlivesupstairs · 13/11/2011 07:48

By being kind and letting him explore. Our boys came as a pair which is great. They entertain each other and play with each other.
Since there were two of them, they explored together. I think yours will be OK. The best thing is to tell your DC not to crowd him.
Let the kitten decided when he wants to come to you. DD is 10.6, one of our cats is much less friendly than the other because she constantly picked him up.

Birdsgottafly · 13/11/2011 13:34

When we went out i always confined mine to the rooms where i could swith off the plugs at the walls, so not the kitchen. Kittens are clean, so can be in any room, unlike puppies, but can be terrible chewers. With televisions getting lighter they can easily pull one over, whilst playing with wires.

Tbh mine always chose who they slept with, we had a litter tray in the hallway at night.

Sparklingbrook · 13/11/2011 17:09

Get used to shutting doors behind you-especially the front door. We had an older cat but had to keep her in for a few weeks. It's so easy to forget when you are bringing the shopping in/just popping out to the dustbin that they may make a run for it.

V excited for you. Any names yet?

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