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is it normal for a cat to loose apetite.......

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paisleyII · 12/11/2011 10:23

she doesn't seem to be into her food the last few days, it could be that she is a fuss miss and just choicy. added problem is that i crumbled a worming pill into her breakfast this morning and deliberately chose a sachet of something i know she lives and yet the fussy sod has had a sniff and walked off. possibly the crumbled pill has a smell? what do you guys think? thanks

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 12/11/2011 13:33

Rescue cats can be fusspots over food, our cat tries it on but he's my 6th so I am made of sterner stuff these days. If he doesn't eat, he can wait till the next meal. He usually eats it.

Try advocate, you get it from the vet and drop it onto the skin behind the neck, I think it does fleas as well as worms but it won't touch ticks. Butthey said you'd notice a tick when your fussing them anyway.

If she refuses food for a couple of days straight to the vets.

Also make sure the bowls big enough, my mom always said small bowls push the whiskers back. No idea if that bothers them but we buy cheap cereal bowls for feeding.

lubeybooby · 12/11/2011 13:37

Mine won't go near anything with worming granules or tablets, I always use a spot on wormer now instead :)

TheOriginalFAB · 12/11/2011 18:08

Yes, the chances are the cat can smell the tablet in the food and won't eat it no matter how hungry they become.

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