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Cat allergy - help!

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suzi2 · 11/11/2011 09:46

We have a kitten, approx 4 months old, had her 10 days. My DS has been very snuffly around her - nose streaming and things. He's never been allergic to our past cat or other cats in the extended family. A few days ago his asthma flared up and he has coughed and wheezed all the time. I never thought anything of it, but he's 100% fine when he's at school and leaves the house

I've tried everything I can to minimise allergy as my DH always has an allergic "settling in" period. So she's confined to just 2 rooms. Those rooms (and neighbouring ones) are cleaned daily - all the surfaces, hoovered with HEPA filter hoover, windows opened, floors washed (hard floors). Hands washed after petting/playing with her (though DS hasn't done so in the last day at all). Kitten brushed each day, wiped over and most recently treated with petal cleanse to minimise her allergicness.

So... is it conceivable that this asthma flare is in fact an allergy? Or would he have been bad from day 1? Will it improve with time?

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Fluffycloudland77 · 11/11/2011 15:32

Is it a different type of coat? eg dn is not allergic to their persian, allergic to their tabby and really allergic to our bengal.

DH is never wheezy at work, only when he comes home. He didnt need inhalors before we had the cat. It took him about a month to get used to the cat.

JustCallMeMrsTeabag · 13/11/2011 13:13

Hi, if your son is reacting to the cat fur (and it's quite likely as most children are allergic to some degree or another to cat fur), it generally does improve over time and your son will develop an immunity (if that's the correct term).

My son was highly allergic to cat fur, which was rather unfortunate as I run a cat rescue, and he came into contact with cats all the time! He's now 4 and is absolutely fine.

suzi2 · 14/11/2011 10:02

He was at my parents at the weekend and was still bad and almost had an A&E trip. So it's certainly not just the cat. I think he is allergic, but it's just the icing on the cake and he has a cold etc too. So it's makign it worse. Just monitoring things for now, and hoping his cold improves and I can get him off the antihistamines.

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