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Introduction (with pictures!)

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RhondaRoo · 10/11/2011 19:04


I've already 'spoken' to a few of you, having received some much needed advice/kind words concerning my injured kitten.

So thought I'd introduce myself and my cats (also have a dog)

There's Rosie - 2yo black and fluffy (with attitude) and Bert 4 months old with no sense of danger, very cuddly and loving and currently on cage rest due to broken pelvis (ref no sense of danger!)


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Marlinspike · 10/11/2011 19:05


RhondaRoo · 10/11/2011 19:06

just realised that Rosie looks a bit scared in one of the pics - she was attacking/playing with the dog and having a great time, I just happened to 'click' at the right moment!

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RhondaRoo · 10/11/2011 19:07

Thank you Marlinspike - I think so but I'm very biased Grin

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