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Older Kitten Vs New Kitten. Not sure if they are getting on.

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ZeldaUpNorth · 29/10/2011 07:59

We have an 8 month old female kitten and have just got a new kitten (male) who is about 3ish months. We only got new kitty yesterday but they seem to be fighting a lot. Is there a way to stop them? will they settle down soon? I feel so sorry for new kitty as its had a pretty unsettled life so was hoping it would have a nice life here but older kitty keeps pouncing on it (lo also pounces on her too) It seems a bit too rough to be just play. Hope this makes sense kids keep distracting me.

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 29/10/2011 10:02

When they fight are the ears back? Ears back indicates it's not just play.

Male kittens are quite feisty so some females do get pissed off sith them. He'll calm down when you neuter him.

You could give them a breather from each other and supervise contact.

RhondaRoo · 31/10/2011 22:39

I have a 2 year old cat and then rescued my Bert who is 3 months (ish) old. Rosie (2 yo) absolutely hated Bert to start with, she even moved in next door (their cat is her best friend....!) Now however, she adores him. It has taken a good 4-6 weeks for them to settle in and Bert is quite a little bleeder energetic with her, but she now just growls and gets out of the way. They have been known to curl up asleep together! When Bert had to stay in the vets last week (see other thread re his fight with a cupboard door!) Rosie was beside herself, she searched for him.

I really didn't think they would ever get on, but they do - although Rosie is very tolerant and Bert really does push his luck sometimes!

Persevere and make sure that the older kitten has somewhere safe to get away from the baby, they need their own space and they need to feel safe. The rest should work itself out.

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