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Charity that helps the treatment of animals in Asia

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Fluffycloudland77 · 26/10/2011 10:18

Right I posted this on the doghouse too, If you saw that dm article on how the chinese skin dogs for the fur trade I started to look around for a charity that was trying to stop this practice. I didnt know quite how differently the chinese treat animals.

Animals Asia are campaigning to stop bear farming, eating dogs (according to the website they think torturing them makes the meat taste better), trap neuter release on stray animals, taking cats and dogs to schools to teach them that animals are companions (spana does something similar), and taking dogs to hospitals again all to change cultural views on the treatment of animals.

I know that times are hard but if you would like to donate to a charity that works in china for animal rights I think this could be a good one. There is a uk office in cornwall. I'm going to ask relative to donate to them for my christmas and birthday presents as I always struggle to think of anything I really need. Obviously not everyone can afford to give to a charity these days.

I still find it hard to reconcile how they treat animals there when they have done so much work with the pandas.

I dont know if WWF or world society for protection of animals do anything for domestic chinese animals.

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FrankH · 26/10/2011 15:35

Not all Chinese approve of skinning animals, just as not all British approve of foxhunting, battery chickens etc. Only a minority of Chinese eat dogs, and they are mostly in one area of the country, and among particular groups in society, etc.etc.

My mother, who was Chinese and was born and grew up in China, loved animals, especially cats. But then she was an educated woman (rare in her generation). I have a similar attitude, and dislike any unnecessary killing of animals.

I'm afraid that, as a British person of Chinese "ethnicity", I have come across intensely racist attitudes towards Chinese, clearly attributing bad treatment of animals in China to genetic defects - the singer Morrissey - a well-known advocate for animal rights - even describes Chinese as "sub human".

Education and proper exposure to animals have a great effect on how people view animals. And the very poor (which most Chinese still are) tend to have less concern about "animal rights", especially in countries such as China, where "human rights" are not well respected.

I have been a member of WWF for a very long time. Their main concern is with "wild" fauna and flora, rather than with domesticated animals.

Fluffycloudland77 · 26/10/2011 20:01

Then I feel sure you will be donating. You will want everyone educated like your family.

Just the same as I want people in this country to stop badger baiting, shooting badgers, dog fighting using cats as bait and hare coursing.

Unfortunately no one educates against these practices here.

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ripstheirthroatoutliveupstairs · 29/10/2011 09:05

Good luck with that. I know nothing of China, I am well acquainted with the Soi Dog organisation in Thailand though.
They work tirelessly to catch and neuter dogs. We lived there for four years and donated regularly. In our road there were probably 50 Soi dogs, out of those, they managed to sort out three. I paid for one outright as it lived in our flats.
The Thai nationals weren't bothered in the slightest.

Fluffycloudland77 · 29/10/2011 09:58

I am a hopeless optimist.

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