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What a surprise, should i change her/his name!

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Claw3 · 08/10/2011 08:53

My 2 kittens have been very ill and we have been backwards and forwards to the vets. Anyhow they have both full recovered now (vet doesnt think it is FIV now for those who have followed my story)

Anyhow, i was getting concerned about my female and male kitten mating, as they are now 6 months and i was not able to neuter them due to their illness, until now.

Vet told me there was no chance of that, as they are both male!! Grin

So Fifi, isnt a Fifi. Any suggestions as for a new name for Fifi? (he is mainly black, with a white nose and chest and 4 white tips on paws)

or should i keep the name Fifi for a boy? (calling him something else its going to take some getting used to)

OP posts:
Bamaluz · 08/10/2011 16:22

My Felix gets called Fifi for short, so how about that?

oopslateagain · 08/10/2011 20:44

I'd probably start calling him Fee... take the fi off the end! A bit of an odd name but then cats aren't supposed to be normal, they are expected to be a bit eccentric so a strange name can fit perfectly! Grin

Carrotsandcelery · 08/10/2011 20:46

You could call him Fionn (like the giant) and pretend that Fifi was just an affectionate nick name Grin

TheLittlestNarwhal · 08/10/2011 20:49

My first kitten was named Arthur before we realised that he was actually a she! We did try a different name but she looked like an Arthur by then IYSWIM and she was an Arthur for fourteen years. :)

Claw3 · 09/10/2011 09:05

Thanks everyone.

He looks like the Felix on the cat food actually and that name isnt too different. At the moment i cant even get used to calling him him, i still refer to him as her!

At the moment we have been calling him Fee, one of my older sons suggested Fi-he Grin

Thats exactly it thelittlenarwhal he looks like a Fifi, he acts like a she! My youngest son has always called him "Fifi the fat fudge eater" because he begs my son for fudge when he is eating it! Nothing is going to go with fudge eater Grin

OP posts:
giyadas · 09/10/2011 09:09

I had this with 2 of my ducks, but I kept the same names. Got a boy called Pink, and used to have a girl named Dave. It suited her, couldn't imagine her being anything else but Dave.

giyadas · 09/10/2011 09:10

Fi-he Grin

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