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Does buying a pedigree cat mean insurance more expensive?

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Rollergirl1 · 18/09/2011 20:34

We're looking to get a kitten. I want a silver tabby (british shorthair) and to ensure that we get the colour and markings we want it looks like we will have to buy a pedigree. I don't mind spending the money. But someone said to me that if we buy a pedigree cat that we will also have to fork out for insurance as will be more expensive. Again, I don't mind paying the money to make sure our pet is well provided, but why? Why should a pedigree cat be more in insurance than a moggy? Surely a pedigree pet of anything should have less go wrong with it? So why would the insurance be higher?

Anyway, def looking to get a kitten for the beginning of new year. We can't wait!

OP posts:
Lizcat · 18/09/2011 21:00

Unfortunately pedigree cats tend to have more go wrong with them than moggies. Also most insurance policies include replacement costs which are obviously more for pedigree cats.

Northernlurker · 18/09/2011 21:21

Pedigree cats are far more likely to have problems than 'moggies'. Genetic problems remain and multiply within the gene pool because you are always breeding from a relatively small number.

I think you should read up about kittens, breeds and their different temperments before you fix on a breed. Silver tabbys are beautiful - but tbh so are all cats and you may find a oggy would suit your family just as well. Shelters such as Cats Protection League are well worth a look. They have beautiful cats in need of a home and can give you a lot of support in becoming a cat owner. Sadly many of their cats are there because people got bored when kittens become cats. Please do consider that you are getting a CAT not a permanent kitten.

bottleofbeer · 19/09/2011 18:04

I had a blue-cream British shorthair. Honestly? never again. FIP killed her at four. It wasn't pleasant and was almost certainly something she developed because of the fact she was pedigree.

VenusStarr · 19/09/2011 18:37

i would have thought pedigrees are more expensive on the insurance. but my sister has a british blue shorthair and has been quoted 9pounds per month for the lifespan plan (from petplan) the plan where it covers illnesses. im currently paying 24pounds per month for my 2 moggies, no illnesses, only 2 years of age, from petplan.

agree with the posters who said about pedigrees having more health problems though.

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