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Cat Fleas

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seedlessgrape · 02/09/2011 21:34

My two cats have had fleas for months now and none of the supermarket treatments have worked. I therefore took them to the vet on Tuesday and he treated them both with Frontline - both injected and also gave me the stuff to put on their necks which I've done. The problem is that I am still getting bitten and can see fleas jumping around the wooden kitchen floor (I didn't think they could live on wooden floors?). Anyway, someone recommended flea bombs to me and I wondered if anyone had any experience of them - do they work? What is the best make? Where can I buy them? etc, etc.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks :)

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seedlessgrape · 02/09/2011 21:36

I would add that I have been spraying all upholstery (Bob Martin flea spray) and washing throws, etc, and have even banned the cats from certain areas in the house.

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girlywhirly · 03/09/2011 14:27

You can get much more effective flea sprays for the house from the vets. More effective in that they will kill adult fleas, AND penetrate the eggs which can be resistant to cheap sprays and hatch out later; this is why you keep getting repeat infestations. If not treated, eggs can roll under skirtings, into cracks between wooden floors etc and survive for a year! If you are getting bitten I'd say the infestation is quite bad and warrants the super strength spray.

I'm surprised the vet didn't tell you to treat the home with some of their stuff because it is really good; expensive but worth it. You will have to spray all of the house not just the rooms the cats are limited to as they or you could have unwittingly carried eggs or fleas anywhere. You will only need to spray floors, room edges and corners, soft furnishings and upholstery, under beds etc but not higher than a couple of feet. If you treat the house while the cats are out and go out yourselves for half an hour it will be fine to come back to and touch treated fabrics. I'd also vacuum beds and sofas.

seedlessgrape · 04/09/2011 20:44

Thanks girly that's really helpful. I'm starting to get really really pi**ed off with constant itching and I'm sure I'm getting paranoid; every speck is a potential flea egg! I shall send someone off to the vet tomorrow.

Thanks again :)

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wigglybeezer · 04/09/2011 20:49

I asked the pest man from the council about fleas when he came round to kill a wasps nest and he said hoovering kills 95% of fleas. He recommended that i just hoover more frequently and thoroughly alongside the flea tablets etc.

I haven't done this as much as I should have and the fleas have returned, will blitz the house tommorrow!

Meow75isknittinglikemad · 04/09/2011 20:51

Put a flea collar in your hoover bag as well.

2T2T · 16/09/2011 12:37

you still got fleas seedless? My house is starting to feel like a flea pit despite two visits from teh fumigators and the cats being flea treated. I feel so twitchy and itchy all the time. I'm getting qutie neurotic about it. Fucking things

seedlessgrape · 22/09/2011 14:43

Well 2T I thought the buggers had disappeared but they hadn't! Nothing for about two weeks then I spotted one and so it was another trip to the vet to get some household spray and, touch wood, I haven't seen anything since (48 hours). The cats are due their next treatment on or around 1st October.

I agree with your comment. Fucking things!

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