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My Cat is lost :(

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SkipToTheEnd · 01/09/2011 13:08

We've had or cat bout 8 weeks and he's been kept in that whole time.

He's 18 months and has always been an indoor cat. I was planning on letting him out in the future after getting the snip and chip treatment but yesterday he escaped out of the window - we are in a ground floor flat.

He's been desperate to get out for a couple of weeks now and my DD takes him into the communal hallway everyday where he climbs the 4 floors for 20 minutes and generally plays with her but this has made him more determined to get out.

So he's probably just on a hunt to get his leg over right??

He will come home eventually won't he?

Called all local vets and rescues and they have my number in case he's handed in. It's been 24 hours. How long before I print a million posters for DD to put up? She's devastated and has spent hours looking for him armed with a box of biscuits :(

OP posts:
TopazMortmain · 03/09/2011 15:35


Print posters now and put them up. Cat is probably lost or hiding very near so go out regularly and walk around shouting their name, especially at night-time. Listen carefully for mews or signs cat is near but scared. Knock on all neighbours doors a they may have taken kitty in or seen.
Leave window cracked open but monitor as you don't want cat to come home only to leave again!

Check under parked cars and bushes and any sheltered area in a five house / building radius.

Lastly, have hope! One of mine just retuned after 63 days and another left for 3 days and came home again.

Good luck - I hope your kitty comes home soon.

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