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cat breaking through locked cat flap

8 replies

hiddenhome · 20/08/2011 11:29

My new rescue cat is a big, strong boy and is able to break through a locked cat flap in order to go out overnight Shock

Can anybody recommend a cat flap that's good quality and secure?

OP posts:
Fluffycloudland77 · 21/08/2011 20:38

From what I've heard the ones where the lock is in the middle of the cat flap are better than the ones where the lock is in the bottom corner.

We lock our bengal in the kitchen overnight as he can break out too.

hiddenhome · 22/08/2011 14:30

Thanks for that fluffycloudland77 I'll take a look in Pets at Home and see what I can find. The lock we have is in the bottom right hand corner.

OP posts:
sazm · 22/08/2011 22:38

yep ours is in the right hand bottom corner too,and ours can break through lol!

CointreauVersial · 22/08/2011 22:40

Aren't cats supposed to go out at night? How's he supposed to get hold of that headless mouse he wants to share with you? Grin

sazm · 22/08/2011 23:15

lol,we lock ours in sometimes and out other times lol - yes we have 6 cats and often wake through the night to discover a cat under the bed pulling a mouses' head off!

hiddenhome · 24/08/2011 22:17

I've had two cats killed on the road in the early mornings due to being allowed out all night Sad

OP posts:
sprinkles77 · 25/08/2011 00:14

we have some kitchen chairs with big, flat bases. I shove that up against the cat flap to block it.

Fluffycloudland77 · 25/08/2011 19:08

Now the cat has completely destroyed his cat flap lock we put an empty calor gas cylinder over the cat flap.

He still trys to get out. I admire his determination actually.

I have read before that overnight is the most dangerous time for RTA. SIL's cat was run over at night, and killed.

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