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The waiting for Slinky Malinky begins

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MeriNisipPoissons · 17/08/2011 14:15

Slinky is a black kitten who adopted us on holiday in Lesvos and who we have started the PETS passport procedure on, he is a young stray and the apartment manager is caring for him on our behalf until he can come 'home'.

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Lizcat · 17/08/2011 15:59

Are you aware that the passport scheme is changing that there is no point having the blood sample done as from January 2012 he will be able to enter the UK from the EU having had a rabies vacc. 3 weeks earlier. If you follow the old scheme his re-entry date would be 17th Feb if he had a blood sample today.
PM me if you would like more info I regularly work with PETS passports

MeriNisipPoissons · 18/08/2011 01:18

He should be able to enter on Nov 01 which is 6 months after the blood test result.

We will be better off next year with the new rules. as we always attract the strays when we go over.

Never made much sense having dogs and cats wait for blood test but not ferrets-not alot of them running stray in Greece!

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