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The litter tray

Does anyone else's cat protest in this way?

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valleyqueen · 14/08/2011 20:47

Just come back from a weeks holiday, my dad came in everyday to feed, water and change the cat litter.

Today she has peed and crapped under my sofa and wailed when I had to get her out to move the sofa. She is now sulking in DDs room and stinks of pee. Last time I went away for a few days she peed on my door mat and pooed on the back of the sofa. She is a rescue cat and spent the first 6 years of her life in a box room with 6 other cats.

As a result she is scared of large open spaces so spends 90% of her time under the sofa, when I clean under there she goes under DDs bed. Only I could end up with an agoraphobic cat.

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peggotty · 14/08/2011 22:22

Poor cat - she sounds really stressed out! I have heard of cats doing this kind of thing when they#re annoyed with their owners going away or changing things around the house. How long have you had her?

NoCarbsBeforeMarbs · 14/08/2011 22:28

Poor cat (and you)

My uncle and aunts cats do this.

They have 2 so I don't know if it's one, or both, but I do know they have to turd hunt for days after they've been away.

No advice, sorry, but you aren't alone (for what it's worth!)

valleyqueen · 14/08/2011 23:21

I have had her one year. I have given her some tuna and a stroke, now working how to get the smell out of her, she stinks.

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