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has anyone got a cat that CONSTANTLY begs for food??

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simpson · 11/08/2011 19:08

Its doing my head in Blush

I have to shut her out of the house sometimes as where ever I go she follows me getting underfoot mewing to be fed etc.

She nicks stuff off my or the DCs plates when they are eating. I cannot leave food out for 1 second without her trying to get at it

She does not tend to do normal cat things ie sleep on our beds etc but stays downstairs begging.

If by some miracle she has been kicked ventured out or is upstairs she can hear the fridge or cupboard door open from miles Hmm and comes running..

Her sister on the other hand is the total opposite and does not seem that bothered by food although both cats are a healthy weight.

If you do have a cat like this, what do you do to try and stop it???

OP posts:
lubeybooby · 11/08/2011 19:24

Yes! One of my three is like this. She drives me insane - I haven't any way to stop it though I'm afraid

KenDoddsDadsDog · 11/08/2011 19:25

Yes mine is too. And he always wants fresh food even ifs he has a bowlful from fifteen mins ago. Seems to like the action of being fed!

simpson · 11/08/2011 19:39

I have just fed them and she is still hanging around for more

At least she is not fussy and does eat everything...

OP posts:
Canistaysane · 13/08/2011 08:58

Can I ask if your cats are older. As I have found the older my cats have got the more they ask for food. My cat is not well at the moment, she keeps being sick.

Claw3 · 13/08/2011 10:49

Has she been wormed recently?

Also my elderly cat had thyroid problems and wanted feeding constantly.

lubeybooby · 13/08/2011 11:52

My constantly hungry one is only 4 and has always been the same since I got her when she was 18 months. Always wormed regularly etc and she definitely eats enough - she would just eat endlessly if I let her though.

Canistaysane · 13/08/2011 16:12

I think my cat being sick might be to do with type of food as we went out today and got her some senior food and since that she has been o.k. also I don't let her out cause we are close to a main road with lorries going up and down.
It can be annoying though if they do keep on for food all day. a cat I used to have did this.

nickelbabe · 13/08/2011 16:17

yes, one of ours does that.

we feed our cats pouches, and they also have dry food available.
Seb will hang around the bowls waiting for more, even when he's had the full amount for that day (he won't touch the dry stuff)
if you so much as venture out of the sitting room, he follows, and if you are cooking in the kitchen, he sits in the hallway, and every time you move, he darts forward as if he's going to be fed.
and he mews. all the bloimmin time!

simpson · 14/08/2011 17:53

nickelbabe - that sounds exactly like my cat Grin

They are young (only a yr old) and have been wormed recently (I have the scars on my arm to prove it Blush)

They are at the vets in a few wks for their booster injections so will get them checked over just in case

OP posts:
Trizelda · 14/08/2011 17:54

Sounds like a thyroid issue??

nickelbabe · 15/08/2011 11:27

ah, see ours are really old, (17years), so it's the opposite end of the scale.

Maybe they're just getting used to the routine, and want to make sure you don't forget to feed them :)

aStarInStrangeways · 15/08/2011 11:31

my boy cat is like this and always has been (he's 11). since kittenhood he has harassed me day and night for food, frequently waking me in the small hours despite the fact that i have never fed them at this time and never will. he steals food at any opportunity, even stuff like curry and oven chips. it drives me fucking barking, tbh.

lucyspangle · 15/08/2011 17:43

Our rescue cat is exactly the same-presumed it was because he had gone hungry a lot before being rescued and rehomed.We try to limit his intake but he can easily polish off a baby rabbit or couple of field mice.

And yes he is rather rotund-been checked out by the vet who assured us all was well

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