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Help, I hate my cat!

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NotAnotherNewNappy · 27/07/2011 20:58

That sounds awful, doesn?t it? I feel so guilty but it?s honestly how I feel tonight.

I have a 14yr neutered male and an 11 yr old spayed female, both are rescue moggies. It?s a familiar but sad tale, when I was single and childless they were the light of my life. Now I have a mildly asthmatic DH and 2 DC (3yo and 15wks) and they are driving me bananas.

The male is very clever and seems to have gone feral from the lack of attention. He is always trying to get scraps of food (working out how to open the bin, stealing fish fingers off the DC plate, climbing up on the worktop while I am actually standing there cooking). Worst of all, his favourite place to pee is down the side of my DC?s bed Angry.

What, if anything, can I do?

OP posts:
whomovedmychocolate · 27/07/2011 21:02

First of all, using make a solution of biological washing powder in boiling water to remove the pheremones which are making him keep coming back to your DCs room. Then shut the door. :)

Does male cat get any attention? You may be pushing water uphill here. You are knackered so sit for twenty minutes with your cat. Drink tea and fuss him. He's probably bloody confused by this yowling thing that takes up all your time (congrats btw Wink).

It passes though. I have the world's most irritating cat but I still have a soft spot for him.

However you ought to also consider whether the cat is unwell. Mine went nuts before they died.

NotAnotherNewNappy · 27/07/2011 23:17

Thanks v much for answering whomoved, I'll get scrubbing...

OP posts:
1Catherine1 · 27/07/2011 23:54

I know how you feel...

I have an 18 week old baby and my poor 10 year old cat is ignored these days. She has always been such a good cat and she is so good with the baby. She's the perfect little cat and all she asks for is a half an hour cuddle from me after my DD has gone to bed and sometimes I hate her for it. After being attached to the DD all day I don't feel up to hugging the cat too. I feel guilty about that and it has even crossed my mind to rehome them somewhere they'd get more attention but I don't think I could actually go through with it.

I'm sure when DD is a bit bigger and not so clingy I'll enjoy my cats again and for now I'll have to make time for her even if I don't feel like it.

stinkyfluffycat · 29/07/2011 11:08

Give them more attention! The peeing might be because he's upset about the changes in his house and the sudden decrease in attention, so if attention levels go back to normal he might stop? Also buy a Feliway, hopefully it'll chill the cats out.
I'm hoping you're just having a bad day and the cat - hating is temporary..

catwoman2011 · 29/07/2011 15:38

Cats by nature are selfish animals, I don't mean this as bad but they are naturally solitary and can be very fickle.

Cats are easily stressed so the changes are what's causing the behaviour. We have 13 at the moment and the one PITA cat is our 12yr old rescue moggie. The others are quite aloof actually.

A laser light is a good thing if the thought of playing with them knackers you out.

You can also get Zyklene from the vets, it's a calming powder that you put on the wet food which can be used for moving house, trip to the vets, new baby etc......

intelligenceitself · 03/08/2011 11:40

I don't agree with rehoming but it's worse for animals to be unwanted and neglected. Have you given up on your husbands aswell or is it just the most vulnerable in the family you're picking on??

NotAnotherNewNappy · 03/08/2011 21:12

Thanks everyone for getting back to me with your suggestions, I have/will give all of them a go. I don't want to give up on either of my moggies but am so knackered I have completely forgotten how to connect with them and how to look after their needs.

OP posts:
rockinhippy · 04/08/2011 00:50

I went through this with mine too - its easy when you are so knackered & they are making even more work for you - but as already said, they will be confused & probably jealous too - peeing near DCs bed is quite a clue, your cat feels push out by DC so is marking its territory. ......after cleaning with amonia free stuff such as suggested above, also sprinkle with bicarb & hover it the next day - this will absorb any more odour & then add some sort of repellant - I find Citronella works best, though check if its okay for the Dc if 1 is asthmatic

& it WILL pass & the cats will settle again & have even more love & attention from the DCs when they are a bit older & not so scary they will be the best of friends :)- this happened with mine -

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