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Cat with a raspy miaow

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shushpenfold · 27/06/2011 06:28

Hi all. I'm wondering if anyone has experience of a cat with a raspy miaow...sounds like me with laryngitis. The cat seems mostly OK in herself, although she's not purring as loudly as normal (if at all). She's still eating, drinking and going out and about but the throat seems to be getting no better. She won't let me look inside her mouth. Both cats are due at the vets soon (1 month) for their annual jabs though so I can ask then - it's a long time though.

Thoughts? TIA

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pretentiouswasteoftime · 27/06/2011 06:45

Could be a sore throat possibly. My cat becomes raspy if she's been sick or coughed up a furball.

Can you ring and ask for some verbal advice from your vet? Ours is very good about this.

shushpenfold · 27/06/2011 07:05

Thanks pretentious. I was worrying more because DH said that if the cats have a cold they might die (because it;s cat flu or such) This statement didn't help the worry levels!

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