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Moving with cat from countryside to city

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JohnStuartMills · 23/06/2011 22:41

hello, as above, I'm moving from a very rural environment to the big city. The thing is, a cat adopted us last Christmas and now seems to be part of the family. When she goes off for a while, she roams across the surrounding fields and farms. I don't know where she came from and if she goes back there for her 2nd and 3rd breakfasts. I think it's going to be a big shock for her to leave and am a bit worried it will be dangerous for her. She is a complete hick!

We had 2 cats before who travelled from city to country and then back again, but there were city cats first and had some savvy. They also stayed in our 'patch' mostly. This one has a wander most days. She is not an indoor cat, although you wouldn't think it from the amount of time she spends asleep on couch, beds and cushions.

Has anyone broken their country cats heart by changing their environment so drastically?

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1Catherine1 · 24/06/2011 01:50

Firstly, are you sure she isn't keeping another home? Does she wear a collar? Might be worth putting one on her to see if someone claims her. Cats are sometimes more attached to their territory than they are their human slaves. You are in fact replaceable! My cheeky little girl tried to do that to me and one day I got a call from a woman who got the number from her collar and called me to see if she had been abandoned - she sounded rather disappointed when I told her I lived on the next street over. If she has another happy home it might be worth discussing with them whether they are willing to take her full time.

I have successfully managed to make an outdoor cat an indoor cat due to me now living on a main road. This was achieved by just keeping her in with our other cat and giving her plenty of space to play and settle. Although I think age played a part too as she is now getting on 10 years old.

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