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put kitten on rehoming waiting list. not sure if i'm doing the right thing.

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bamboobutton · 03/06/2011 19:01

we've had the kitten since middle of sept 2010 but our resident cat still really hates her and seems to be turning feral.

he hardly ever comes home now, i have seen him twice in the last month and that was because i happened to be in the kitchen late at night when he had popped in for some food, he let me give him a quick stroke before disappearing again.
when he is home he doesn't like us picking him up and does a deep angry growl.
poor resident tom has been pushed out by new kitten and i really miss him.

so we decided it would be best to try to rehome kitten while she is young and cute but i feel so incredibly guilty but i also feel even more guilty for what i'm putting resident tom through.

i'm not sure what else there is to do though, there is nowhere we can put the kitten to keep them seperated, resident cat is never home enough for feliway to work and has broken the catflap from when we tried to keep him in at night.

i'm rambling on now. am i doing the right thing? WWYD??

OP posts:
Northernlurker · 03/06/2011 19:03

Is your older cat neutered?

bamboobutton · 03/06/2011 19:10

yes, done as a kitten and is 7yo now.

he came home earlier and is looking all shaggy and disheveled and growling and hissing at me and looking wild about he eyes, which is what spurred me into doing something about it.

have posted on this before.

OP posts:
Teds77 · 03/06/2011 19:46

I think if you're able to find a nice home for the kitten then this seems fine to me. Feel a bit sorry for your shaggy and disheveled boy just reading this so seems to make sense to me Smile

You're tried to get them to get along and it hasn't worked. The only other options seem to be carry on as you are with the likely outcome that your older boy will find himself a new home or get him rehomed. Of the three options, rehoming the kitten would probably be the best solution.

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