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Think my kitten is coming into heat...

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PhishFoodAddiction · 28/05/2011 20:30

She is around 6 months old- and last night she began acting strangely. She's been laying on the floor rolling over onto her back, laying on her tummy with her bum slightly up in the air, making a strange little meow over and over again and being very affectionate. Also (TMI) noticed she seems to be leaking a clear fluid from her bits, and is licking herself there much more than usual.

Does this sound like she is coming into heat? DH thinks she must be, but I just wanted a bit of reassurance from someone who has had this happen.

How long will she be like this- is it just a few days? We were hoping to get her spayed next week, will this be possible if she is still in heat?

Just to add she is still an indoor cat so there's no chance of her getting pregnant.

Sorry for the hundred questions- I tend to get a bit over anxious about things! TIA.

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Fluffycloudland77 · 28/05/2011 22:20

Yes sounds like heat. They wee in odd places too so get the bicarb in. As I remember (have tom now) vets don't mind them being in season but I'm going back 17 years.

Don't worry it passes.

ExpatMummyInOz · 29/05/2011 13:12

Hi PFA, she is most definately in heat - and will stay in heat during the Summer months. Kitten season (so-called for good reason) runs from May to September, so sexually mature females will remain 'in heat' for the duration of the season, although actual obvious symptoms come and go.

Speak to your vet about getting her spayed as soon as possible as they become very difficult to keep indoors when in heat - the urge to 'get up to mischief' is very strong, plus you may get undesexed Tom-cats hanging around your garden!

Some vets don't like to spay when females are in heat as the operation becomes slightly more tricky due to the swollen uterus etc. I run a cat rescue and have had many hundreds of females spayed (both when in season and out) without any issues, but recommend using a vet that is experienced with felines.

PhishFoodAddiction · 29/05/2011 21:19

Thank you so much for the advice and reassurance.

I was getting a bit panicked the first night as we'd changed her food and I thought she had a tummy ache or something Blush I thought she was writhing in pain not feeling frisky!

I will definitely ring the vet on Tuesday and double check whether they can spay her- don't want her making a break for freedom and don't fancy a chorus of tom cats trying to serenade her all night!

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