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I have the most stupid cat in the world!!

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sweetkitty · 18/05/2011 15:39

I have a 10yo neutered male cat. He used to be one of three but now there's only him which probably suits him as he is your typical antisocial cat.

He's always been an indoor cat mostly through choice, he will venture outside if the door is open but if he sees you watching him he will run back in!

So two nights ago I was upstairs (he lives upstairs during the day in his hidden bed as we have 4DC and even before we had 4DC he sleeps most of the day) and I wondered where he was, did a check around nowhere to be seen. Thought he must have been outside and got stuck outside, so went and shouted him, nothing.

Then saw him on our back fence, now not that far from the house, I shouted his name he stops and looks at me and runs away. Same yesterday, he was sleeping on the neighbours shed so I shouted him, he looked at me and ignored me! Again last night I saw him and shouted him and he ran away.

He's been outside for 3 days now no food or water, I was going to leave some food out but it's been raining a lot here and little creatures just get into it.

He's done this before though lasted a week! He ran back in one night the door was open so now we have to spend the night with the door open to see if he comes in.

I am thinking how stupid is he? Shelter, food and water 25 yards away but I will run away.

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pramsgalore4 · 19/05/2011 13:16

hi, our cat is also 10 years old very moody he hardly ever comes home i see him about and call him, sometimes the kids wil carry him home. we get phone calls from people saying your cat is in our house we go and get him but he runs out of the door as soon as he gets chance, we dont know why, he has grown up with our kids, may be hes just looking for somewhere that has no kids ( every house we have collected him from has no kids ) i know sometimes i feel like running out the door so dont blame him lol

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