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cat smells of poo!

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myermay · 12/05/2011 15:28

my 9 mth old female cat has always had a bit of a pooey wiff about her. I see her clean herself regularly so not sure why this could be. She also poo's in strange places, ie, on the tool box, on the step etc. My male cat is a bit more discreet and does not smell at all. Any have any ideas why this would be? thanks

OP posts:
sprinkles77 · 12/05/2011 16:25

has she been spayed? My 9 mo kitten also a bit smelly (but doesn't do poos in funny places). Annoying cos she likes to climb all over me. Sometimes I wipe her bum with a babywipe. I did ask the vet who said that they have anal glands that secrete brown liquid that smells of poo. some kittens grown out of it (mine is better than she once was). I believe you can have the glands removed, but I think nature put them there for the cat's own good, and wouldn't have it done myself). However, on one occasion she smelt very very bad, and my hands smelt of poo after handling her. Later that night i found her grooming herself very very carefully, and found that she had a nasty wound that was leaking pus. Pus often smells of poo. She had to have an anaesthetic and have it cleaned up and a drain stitched in. Thank goodness she was insured as it cost over £400. Apart from the smell and the grooming she was fine in herself. So if your kitten's smellyness is very recent, I'd examine her all over for wounds.

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