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In a panic- rescue cat just escaped before he's supposed to be allowed out!

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Bananamash · 03/05/2011 08:06

Hi all,

Wondering if there is anything i can/should do.

We have had Minkey, the rescue cat for almost 3 weeks. He has settled in well, the only issue we have is that intros between him and the dog are going slowly. The dog is still VERY interested in him. But they can be in the same room together, supervised so long as cat is out of reach etc.

Anyway, for the past two days Minkey has kept making beelines for any doors/windows. Last night he shot out of the front door as I was letting guests in. We live in a quiet close. He shot under a car and i managed to scoop him up and bring him inside.

THis morning my husband was leaving for work at 6.55 and the cat shot out the front door again. My husband ran upstairs in a panic (rather than call and keep an eye on where thecat had gone.....) and by the time we ran downstairs grabbed the treats and went out, we couldn't see him.

I have always been a do person so until i get used to it i knew i would be a bit panicky about him going out alone.

But my worries are this-

We were told, try and wait 4 weeks if possible before letting him out, to make sure he is bonded with the house.

We have not yet had a cat flap fitted- it is being done this week, in time for him to go out when his four weeks were up...

He shot out of the front door. He does not meow, he kind of does this strange hiss thing when he tries to meow. So I am worried that i might miss him when he comes back, whereas if he had gone out of the back, there are french windows so we would see him when he came back into the garden. I am worried i won't see him outside our front door and won't hear him either.

He is not wearing a collar. We bought him one last week, but he shredded it within two days. I guess he didn't wear one in his old home and doesn't fancy taking it up!

So that is it really. I keep going outsde to check, but i have a school run to go on soon, and then i run a BF support group this morning which means i won't be home til 12. Just really worried about him coming back and not being able to get home so leaving again.

Can any experienced cat people tell me if i really do need to worry or if it's new cat owner jitters...


OP posts:
Northernlurker · 03/05/2011 08:12

Can you open a window till you go out? I reckon you'll find him pissed off and waiting on the doorstep at 12. 3 weeks is good - try not to fret. He'll be back

Bananamash · 03/05/2011 11:18

Phew!! Panic over!

As we were leaving for school we saw him further down the road. Called him and he came.


Thanks for your advice. I know you said three weeks is good- do you think then, once we've had the flap installed this week we would be ok to let him out again.. if he hasn't escaped again by then!!

OP posts:
pookiecat · 03/05/2011 14:07

You need to get him microchipped rather than a collar. Our rescue cat was let out after 10 days , and had a big adventure and came in very late at night. Try and get a cat flap, once he gets the hang of that he will be fine. Good luck.

Fluffycloudland77 · 03/05/2011 18:31

Did the rescue centre chip him and neuter him?? They usually do before they let you take them home.

Northernlurker · 03/05/2011 19:29

Yes I would let him out once you've shown him how the cat flap works. Try and limit it to short periods at first - go out and call for him after a few minutes and feed him when he comes back so that he gets the message Smile
DON'T let him out overnight though - cats are attacked by other animals and at higher risk of car accidents at night. They need to be in the house then.

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