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The litter tray

Vast and beloved tabby pooing blood...lots

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corygal · 25/04/2011 18:55

Hello - it's a bank holiday and i'm mumsnetting next to a very drowsy 20lb tabby on the sofa. He has very bloody diarrhea - should I be worried? I am, frantic. Has only 'been' once, but missed his tray a bit and hence I spotted fresh bloodsopts in the hall.

He seems slightly sleepy and off his food but I put this down to the 80 degrees in the flat. He is FIV so I want to take the best care possible.

Thanks for any replies.

OP posts:
lovelybertha · 25/04/2011 20:14


I'm not a vet - but I didn't want this to go unanswered.

Please don't panic - it might be something quite minor. The reason I say this is our enormous ginger tom had this happen to him - bloody poo and really drowsy. Also drinking quite a lot of water. It was a problem with his gut flora, apparently caused by scavenging - he was a bin-raider.

The vet did some tests, but said she was able to diagnose it quite quickly by looking at his eyes. You know cats have those thin, tranparent things in the inner corners of their eyes that look like wierd extra eyelids? Well apparently if those are permanently visable, then it indicates the gut problem that ours had. The vet said it is quite common.

Anyway, got some powdered stuff to put in his food that is like the feline version of actimel. Put him on a diet of boiled chicken and rice. He was right as rain in about 10 days.

Hope your is better soon. Smile

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