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My cat died this wkend..

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celebmum · 18/04/2011 08:43

Her name is poppy, she was 6.5yrs and the first pet I have ever had. She was knocked down outside our home on saturday eve. It was our sons 1st birthday and up until that point had been a perfect day.

I miss her so much. We have burried her in the garden and have ordered a stone to be engraved with her name on. I'm gutted. I can't stop thinking about her.. Ive never cried this much.

Thanks for listening.

OP posts:
supadupacreameggscupa · 18/04/2011 08:46

oh bless you. hurts doesn't it?

I lost my two (13 and 14 years) recently. The first 1 week before I had DS (you can imagine the tears, i was inconsolable as well as hormonal), the second not long after moved house.

I don't cry anymore, but I do still remember and smile sometimes when I expect one of them to jump on my bed for a cuddle.

You just have to grieve that same as losing any other family member. But it does get easier. I promise.

Vix1980 · 18/04/2011 18:28

Aww im so sorry your going through this now but as the above poster says its much like grieving for one of your family, she was a part of your family and only you can understand the pain but it does get easier with every day, just try to think of all the good times and laughs im sure she gave you and keep them in your heart. xx

fookinell · 27/04/2011 17:00

im so sorry to hear of your loss.I had my lovely cat put to sleep today.I feel so sad , ive lost a dear friend today and feel totally alone.People who say it`s just a cat are so stupid...I had he 15 years.She helped me through depression and in hope i gave her a good life,i remember the fun times with her,of which there were tons.Rest in peace LUCKY CAT xxxxxxx.

girlywhirly · 27/04/2011 17:06

So sorry for all your losses.

foxinthewoods · 27/04/2011 17:23

Sorry to hear your news Celebmum. I know exactly how you are feeling as I lost mine the same way, and it took me a good 2 years to be able to think about him, and not become upset. There isn't anything that anyone can say to you to make it better.

buggerlugs82 · 01/05/2011 14:14

Hey OP how are you feeling?

I lost my 4 year old last January and it still hurts. Loads. I feel V guilty sometimes. She had a really rare condition called IMHA. She was my baby

BUT - She had a wonderful 4 years, she was loved loads and very well cared for. I just tell myself that.

Hope you're ok x

iscream · 02/05/2011 08:11

I am so sorry for your loss.

dodo12 · 09/05/2011 16:33

i am so sorry for your loss,having been thru this many times,please allow yourself to grieve losing a pet hurts just as much as a human,so dont let anyone make you feel that you shouldnt be upset best wishes

TheOriginalFAB · 09/05/2011 17:28

Oh no Sad. Poor Poppy. I am sure she had a wonderful life and knew she was loved.

PureNewWoolWithPerfectStitches · 09/05/2011 17:31

Oh I am sorry to hear about Poppy. Our eldest cat is 14yrs now and I dread the day he goes. They are such a part of the family, it's not possible for people without pets to understand really how much they mean to you. Take care ((hugs))

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