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Sorry for another thread about my cat but I am worried and got no replies on my other one.

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FAB5 · 10/04/2011 16:09

She looked like she couldn't support herself/stay balanced to scratch her head Sad and we have weighed her and she has lost 2-3lbs Sad. She hasn't eaten her breakfast and now won't even eat normal food with her powder in it. Can cats who have their kidneys starting to fail go down hill quickly?

I feel so stupid for being so worried about her, she is only a cat and DD is poorly as well, but she is my baby.

OP posts:
DooinMeCleanin · 10/04/2011 16:18

Does she have insurance? My pet insurance has a helpline I can call for vetinary advice if I am worried about anything.

I don't have any experience of cats with kidney problems. I'm sorry Sad I hope your cat does well. Your not stupid for being so worried about her. She is not just a cat to you. She is part of your family. It's understandable that you are worried for her.

Could you try putting her powder (meds?) on a really tasty treat like chicken or salmon?

FAB5 · 10/04/2011 16:40

Yes, we have her insured thankfully as she is on special food now as well as 3 lots of medication and needs a check up every 4 weeks.

She can't have normal food any more but the vet I saw when I took her for an emergency appointment said give her normal food with the powder for a couple of days if she won't eat the renal diet. Then I am to give her renal food again but she left it last time I gave it to her.

Right, I have just given her normal food with powder after she asked for food for the first time in ages. She is eating some Grin.

OP posts:
Lizcat · 10/04/2011 19:21

Yes they can go down hill fast, your little one sounds as though she is dehydrated and may need a drip to perk her back up again. If I was your vet and you had phoned me for advice this evening I would be suggesting that you come into the surgery.

whomovedmychocolate · 10/04/2011 19:22

They do go downhill fast yes. As Lizcat suggests I'd take her to the vet ASAP. But you know the prognosis I'm afraid :(

FAB5 · 10/04/2011 19:39

Oh heck, I wasn't expecting that.

She is drinking though Confused.

I have caught her drinking out of the water fountain too!

OP posts:
whomovedmychocolate · 10/04/2011 20:17

Well that's good, a very sick cat won't bother. You should still head to the vets in the morning though. Good luck :)

FAB5 · 10/04/2011 20:33

I have to ring them tomorrow anyway as I need to order more meds for her and ask if I can change to a different brand of food as she isn't eating much of this one we are on. I also need to ask when I am due to take her as I know it is this week but can't remember what time.

OP posts:
beautifulgirls · 10/04/2011 21:53

Just seen your other threads - pale could mean anaemic (among other things) - possibly related to renal problems but could be unrelated too. Definately a trip to the vet tomorrow would be a good thing to do and ask for a full blood check to be done again plus anything else they deem necessary.

FAB5 · 11/04/2011 07:33

I will be ringing the vet this morning as I don't know if she can have the monthly injections before the 4 weeks.

OP posts:
FAB5 · 11/04/2011 12:15

I have to take her in tomorrow evening Sad.

OP posts:
FAB5 · 11/04/2011 20:36

She is asleep but making funny noises. She looks different. She never sleeps in that position.

OP posts:
Altaira · 11/04/2011 20:38

What did the vet say tonight? It's so worrying when they are poorly isn't it.

FAB5 · 11/04/2011 20:45

I am taking her tomorrow.

It is the not eating that is worrying me and I am sure she has lost weight.

OP posts:
Altaira · 11/04/2011 21:08

Is she still drinking and weeing?
I hope the vet can shed some light on all this for you

FAB5 · 12/04/2011 13:49

She is drinking but I don't see her weeing.

I know what is wrong with her, just don't know how she is and how much longer we will have her for. She even looks like she has lot weight which I have never noticed before. I love her.

OP posts:
ShowOfHands · 12/04/2011 13:55

Our beautiful cat Sheba had kidney problems. She was on a lot of medication and a special diet. I'm afraid to say at the end she went downhill very quickly. From fine to unable to stand, not eating and making very funny noises/breathing rapidly within days. The vet offered to put her to sleep or said to take her home and expect it to take hours from the point we saw him. We took her home after a shot of painkillers. She slept on my knee for a couple of hours, woke up to nuzzle against my stomach, purred for a few minutes and slipped away. I was pregnant with dd and in absolute bits.

Kidney problems do cause a dramatic downturn in health when they get too much sadly. I do hope they can help and it's not the same as what happened to my Sheba.

FAB5 · 12/04/2011 14:02

Oh God Sad[panic].

She was making funny noises when asleep next to me last night but I thought it was a cat version of snoring.

I was told we had caught it early and I think we aren't quite at the 3 month mark yet.

I really appreciate you posting though and telling me how it is.

I am so sorry for your loss Sad.

OP posts:
ShowOfHands · 12/04/2011 14:22

I'm sorry. I dithered about saying anything. It might not be like that for your puss.

Sheba was quite poorly when diagnosed and went from really quite under the weather to back to normal when first put on the medication so it might be that your cat isn't at the stage mine was at all.

FAB5 · 12/04/2011 14:43

Don't be Sorry, I would rather be prepared.

Within days of me noticing FabCat was drinking more she was at the vet and was diagnosed that her kidneys were starting to fail. The problem we have now is she has upped her water intake again and isn't eating much of the renal food or normal food with medicinal powder added.

OP posts:
ShowOfHands · 12/04/2011 14:46

Sheba did have her medication and food adjusted a couple of times when her water intake increased and her appetite decreased and she then went back to normal for a couple of months at a time. When she was really bad, she was obviously really bad and it happened quickly. She couldn't stand properly, didn't like to be touched, hid away, started urinating on the carpet, slept an awful lot, grunted. All happened almost overnight.

FAB5 · 12/04/2011 15:00

I need to ask if we can have different food for her. She has bedtime biscuits but doesn't always eat all those so they are not a complete option. She fell the other day jumping up on to the chair and she looked like she was limping when she went upstairs. She is also biting me more when I try and give her her medication when she never used too. Oh God what am I going to do when she goes? I have had her since October 1994 and she was only 5 weeks when I took her home. It was my exs idea to get a cat so we got her and I left him and took her with me.

OP posts:
FAB5 · 12/04/2011 16:40

FabCat has just asked for her tea Smile.
FabCat hasn't even sniffed it Sad.

OP posts:
FAB5 · 12/04/2011 19:05

We are back.

FabCat has lost weight Sad and I have to take her back next week. I have got new food for her to try. She has had 2 shots, one was B12 and the other I am not sure. I also have to give her 1/4 of a tablet a day to encourage her appetite.

OP posts:
ShowOfHands · 12/04/2011 19:08

That's encouraging though. That they're trying other things. It's not the end by any means.

I understand. It's so very hard. Part of your family. And gosh you've had her for many years. Wonderful age for a cat. My first cat Gizmo was 18 when he died and he was just magnificent.

FAB5 · 12/04/2011 19:49


What he did say was when the blood levels drop you have 90 days but hers are sky high at the moment Grin. I think he is concerned about the weight loss though and the fact she isn't quite herself.

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