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Spaying/vacs for adult cats

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TobyLerone · 29/03/2011 14:34

I have 2 adult female cats (aged 4 and 3). I've had them since they were kittens but they've always been indoor cats. I have never let them outside, so they've never had vaccinations or been spayed.

I want to start letting them out, as it's a pain not being able to keep windows or the patio doors open in the summer.

How much (roughly) will it cost me to have them both spayed/vaccinated?

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Fluffycloudland77 · 29/03/2011 15:30

Cost my sil £50 for one cat to be spayed, they usually chip them while there under the anaesthetic. Jabs vary I think we payed £40 but we had every vac going cos he fights.

beautifulgirls · 29/03/2011 22:05

Costs will vary so call your local vets for prices.

TobyLerone · 30/03/2011 10:29

Thanks, Fluffy. That helps.

I realise that, beautifulgirls. That's why I said 'roughly'. I wasn't in a position to call the vet when I asked, or I would have done so.

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